Pe pamant norvegian….

Al doilea avion aterizeaza in aeroport. Am ajuns in Norvegia. Ploua. E seara. E 18:40. Capul mi-i plin de ganduri. Simt oboseala in tot corpul. Mai am nevoie de putere. Trebuie sa iau biletele pentru tren. Si doar pe la ora 21:40 e trenul spre Stange. Pe la ora 01 ajung in statie…

In baza e frumos. Casele sunt din lemn. Ce frumos. E ceea ce imi place mie. Camera mea e linistita pentru ca nu au venit colegele mele. De fapt, voi avea numai doua colege. Desi e rece, mult mai rece, imi place aici.

A doua zi – vineri – m-am trezit pe la ora 10:00. E liniste in jur. E prea liniste? La bucatarie am cunoscut cativa staffi din baza. Am vazut sala de clasa unde voi studia pentru trei luni. L-am intalnit pe liderul Scolii. E mai frumos ziua aici.

Sunt plina de viata. Oare am scapat de stresul pe care l-am avut in ultima saptamana. Seara am fost pe malul lacului. Ce frumusete! Am mancat banane cu ciocolata coapte pe jar!

Sambata e o zi la fel de frumoasa cu soareeee. Rar vezi soarele pe aici. Sunt 11C.

Duminica. Sunt aici. Chiar sunt in Norvegia 🙂 Seara la ora 17:00 a inceput SOPL. Am inceput cu cina. Apoi am avut timp de inchinare. Foarte diferit de ceea ce sunt eu obisnuita.

Anxietatea a intrat pe cale. Descoper ca ma adaptez inca. Si e greu sa trec prin perioada asta. Sunt zile de zdrobire si nervozitate. Mintea mea e in Moldova…

Totusi la ore sunt foarte concentrata. Rugaciunea mea e sa nu pierd nimic din ce ai pentru mine chiar daca imi este asa greu in perioada de adaptare.

Cateva ganduri despre prima saptamana de invatatura:

– Daca poti vedea departe in trecut, atunci poti vedea si departe in viitor.

– Dumnezeu ma va ajuta si acolo unde nu am o persoana in echipa mea.

– Trebuie sa-mi comunic viziunea foarte clar!!!

– Chiar daca am o echipa de 6/8 persoane trebuie sa iau decizii ca pentru echipa care va fi in viitor, poate 50 de persoane.

– Sa avem intalniri de echipa cand discutam anumite subiecte si carti.

–  Dumnezeu mi-a vorbit despre nevoia de rugaciune in Moldova. Nu stiu de ce poporul meu nu vede prea multa importanta in rugaciune. Depinde cum Il vede pe Dumnezeu aici. Ma rog ca sa facem un Tur de rugaciune in 2012 prin toata Moldova. Ideea e sa cercetam inainte de a merge mai departe, asa cum a facut Neemia cand a venit sa zideasca zidurile Ierusalimului.

– Versetul care a fost primit la o intalnire de rugaciune in Norvegia pentru Moldova  acum 2 ani:

„Pe zidurile tale, Ierusalime, am pus niste strajeri care nu vor tacea niciodata, nici zi, nici noapte! Voi care aduceti aminte Domnului de el, nu va odihniti deloc! Si nu-I dati ragaz, pana nu va aseza din nou Ierusalimul si-l va face o lauda pe pamant.”

Some thoughts about first week:

–         If you are able to see far away in back, you will be able to see far away in future. I descovered last year that we Christian people from Moldova don’t know our history. Many times I see in this the reason why Moldovian people are hopeless. Also like a nation are staying to the same level (econimcal, political problems etc.)

Question: What can do YWAM Moldova in this area?

–         God will help where I don’t have a person to help me-  In our team we need a person who can be envolved in financial system. This truth make me to relax.

–         Comunicate your vision clear – I am praying for this to know how to do this.

–         Long term thinking – In pioneering me and my team must to consider very much this.

–         Take time with your staff to read and discuss books – I will ask my staff to read the first book for discussion „Daring to Live on the Edge” by Loren Cunningham. We will start to disscus about this book in January 2012.

–         Prayer tour – I and Lilia received an idea from God during the prayer time for Europe on Thursday. Moldova need more prayers! Also like Nehemia when he came in country first he investigated country after he started to re-build. This is idea that I had in my mind for next year. To have a prayer tour through Moldova.

–         With one generation Europe became a Christian continent – This gives me hope that my generation can change Moldova.

–         I was inspiring by Prayer house and Publishing here in Grimerud. I am thinking how we can implement these in YWAM Moldova.

II. The articles that I read

„What makes Unity difficult?” it’s also my question when I am working with different people in one team. It seems that indifference and selfishness can make unity difficult. For example, if in my team there are problems, and there are always, and I am starting to pray with persons, I am starting to take care of their needs, I am starting to serve as I can, I am starting to hear God’s voice for them, THEN „the difficult becomes a blessing in our midst”, THEN each person from can say „Yes, I have a family here. She is not just my leader, she is a serving leader which reminds me about Jesus, our Leader. I want to be like them.” We need each other. We have this need deep in our heart.

The article „The defining moment” challenged me to think about the impact of God’s word, about the impact of God’s people. When a society hasn’t a foundation to build it must to turn back to God’s values. But for this must to rise the brave people of God. The people who can take out from Bible principles and can apply these. Also these values must be personal values, His people must to live their lives based on His values.

The results? Like in Europe after the war came the feeling of hope for a better Europe.

III. Biblical concepts:

Some biblical truths that I heard and I want to learn these are:

  1. 1.     Each gift it’s very important (Matthew 25:15). As a leader my job is to emphasize gift of people from my team – I am thinking now how I can change my mind more to start to think this about all gifts, not just about some gits. Thinking and praying I understood that I must to link each gift to God. Because He is the Creator of each gift. Yeah, I took a decision as leader I will appreciate people from my team by saying them about how much I need them in our team.
  1. 2.     Integrity means fruits and roots should match  (Matthew 23:25). –  I was started to evaluate myself: How I was like leader of DTS regarding to integrity? Some of actions was reflecting roots, some didn’t. I will evaluate myself of the end of week through this truth.
  1. 3.     All guidelines must to reflect a servant leadership. Dischipleship by teaching, not by rules – This is a truth that I will consider when we will write a guideline for YWAM Moldova.


In Europe there are 48 nations with less than 1% active people from Evangelical Church.

There are 200 cities/towns in Europe without a church.

One story that I heard during the first week and I like it’s about the missionary from Mongolia. Mongolia hadn’t a Christian presence. This missionary started to plant churches. He decided do not use translated songs for worship time but to encourage people from the church to write their own songs in their language. So they started to compose songs. One time one guy was thought  that they need a book of songs. He started to collect and to write these songs. After this he realized that he needs a printer. The missionary had a printer. So they print first book of mongolian songs. After a time another church heard about this book of songs. They came to the guy who had this book and asked him to give them a book. The guy sent him to the missionary. The missionary told him that the ink was done. He gave to this guy 20$ and sent him to a copy center. After a time  another church heard about this book. They came to the first church to ask for book. The guy also sent them to the missionary. The missionary told him that the ink was done. And it’s need money to put ink. The missionary came to church. He took the book and he burned it.


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