The tale of a book

47d63c1282f1a57d0bef2760104b8bd3It was early morning. It was Sunday. The smallest book in the house felt that is time to be read. The question was by whom? Because being the smallest book in the house everybody avoided it. But this morning the book was very decided to change something in its destiny.
The first thought was to gather all the letters of its pages and to become a voice. Yes, a voice that will be heard by the owners. The book tried this strategy and…unfortunately its voice was so weak that nobody could hear it. It took a bit of time until another idea came in the book’s mind! But it came! And it was brilliant!
So the book decided to recruite other small books in the library and to explain the pain that took over its soul. There were like 10 small books. And all of them came to listen to the smallest one. Astonishingly, but all of them were agree to do something about the pain that they were carrying in them. And the plan was that all of them will bring all the letters together and to let them to become a voice. Yes, their voice was very strong now and it was heard by the owner. When the girl passed the library that morning she heard a music on the shelves. She stopped and she saw all the smallest books being together asking for a time when they could be read. Her face changed in a big smile, lots of light in her eyes and a bunch of joy in her soul.
Yes, everything can be changed when our voices become a melody not a noise!


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